Susan White

As not only a sponsor but very close friend, I am honored to submit a letter of recommendation for Above All Things Dream Foundation.

I have known Greg and Tia Airington for several years, and I'm thrilled to be a part of their vision and dream. They are two of the most faithful, trustworthy, dedicated and committed people I have ever met. To help sponsor their organization and help less-fortunate children in the surrounding communities is truly amazing. And it brings me great joy to witness the love that they pour into every single child.

Their vision not only incorporates feeding the children but also teaching them life skills and behavioral skills, as well as health and exercise tips. And in my time spent helping their organization hands-on, I have witnessed the children's joy and eagerness to learn in the fun environment the Airingtons have set up for them — even with very limited resources.

Greg and Tia’s education, professions and life experiences have led them to give back to society’s most important people — children, in whom they see a great future.

I pray with excitement that others will help fulfill their mission to reach children, become a part of their future growth, and instill in them that they, too, can reach their own visions and dreams.

Thanks and God bless,

Susan White




  Elliott Elementary School 

            3721 Hudson Crossing McKinney, TX 75071 

August 5, 2019 

Students connect, learn, laugh, and are empowered to be their personal best! At Edris Elliott Elementary, I observed this firsthand while the Above All Things Dream Foundation provided a summer lunch program. As the lunch hour approached each day, I observed students running across our school lawn, parking bikes, and jumping out of cars as they excitedly made their way to our cafeteria. Having the opportunity to have a glimpse of this positive energy encouraged me to visit, explore, and experience what inspired our students to come to school so often throughout the summer. 

When I agreed to partner with Above All Things to serve lunch to the children of our school community, I thought it was definitely something we needed. What I quickly learned was that this was much more than a lunch program. The Above All Things team worked with students on academic activities, learning games, and led exercises that involved students in fun physical activities and/or learning new skills while developing increased confidence. As students were engaged in their choice activity, I consistently observed staff and students enjoying time together and celebrating accomplishments. The heart of each team member is evident and observed the second you enter the room: create a fun, positive environment where each child is made to feel special. Intentional time to inspire, motivate, and mentor is devoted to each child. 

The Above All Things Dream Foundation has now become an essential component of our community. The consistency of the program aligns with the focus of our school mission of celebrating and empowering all students - who they are and who they will become. Additionally, the program aligns with guiding students towards developing a growth mindset that enables each child to know and feel success. I believe the Above All Things Dream Foundation provides the platform for students to stretch their minds further and continue to feel the support and desire to continually achieve academically, socially, and physically. 

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share my support of Above All Things. This team is truly dedicated to enhancing the lives of children. Team Elliott is forever grateful that our school has been able to develop a relationship with a team who cares deeply about connecting with our community. 


Natalie Miller, EdD Principal 


Hill Family


I am very pleased with the level of service you provided my boys during the Summer Break. I left home each day knowing that my boys would have the opportunity to have a meal, activity and a social outlet. Your family’s impact on each of them including my niece, who accompanied them a few times, was tremendous and memorable. Words can’t express my gratitude to your program and staff for the safe environment you created as well as the enrichment to their lives each week. We will look forward to next Summer or any other time you offer this program!

Thanks again,

Mr. & Mrs. JD Hill
Parents of Noah, Micaiah and Langston


Gunner's Family - 6yrs old


We'd like to extend our gratitude to Above All Things for providing our son Gunner with various social and sport 

activities over the summer at no cost. Every day he was excited to come to Above All Things, where he played

basketball, soccer, put puzzles together, made crafts and played with his new friends. We hope to be able to 

continue to use your program in a future.

Thank you again for everything you did for Gunner this summer!


Billy and Yuliya Gaines


Grandma's Message


Dear Coach Greg and Staff,

Thank you so very much for your coaching, training, mentoring, and especially your inspiration to the children and youth in the summer camp program you conducted at Elliott Elementary School, Frisco ISD. 

As a grandmother in McKinney who is responsible for the daily care of four grandchildren for the summer, your daily camp was so helpful to me and so enjoyable for the kids. Holden, age 10, said his favorite part was the time right after lunch when he got to play games with kids in the cafeteria or gym. Scout, age 8, said her favorite thing was playing soccer outside with the other kids and Coach Greg. Sawyer, age 6, said her favorite parts were jumping rope and doing the monkey bars with her new friends. Gus, age 4, said his favorite parts were lunch and reading books in the book area. They all said the pizza party at the splash pad was their favorite activity of all!

As their primary summer caregiver, I am grateful to you for so many aspects of your program. I am committed to exposing my grandchildren to outdoor activities over indoor; to active rather than sedentary; to social and interactive over isolated and individual; to cooperative and collaborative teamwork rather than staying home and playing in isolation.

Before we found you at Elliott, I was taking the kids to various parks and playgrounds daily, just hoping to run into other kids to play with. Sadly, fewer and fewer kids are playing outside in McKinney. I don't know if it's the heat, the choice of the caregivers, or screen time that is keeping kids indoors and isolated from peers, but it gets worse every year! Your program gets kids off the couch and brings them together to socialize, learn, and build skills together.

I can't thank you enough, Coach Greg! I hope your program continues to grow and thrive.

With sincere thanks,

Mary Vandever