Our Programs

Giving Back to the communities

                                                                 Giving Back to our Youth

F.A.M.E Summer and After School Feeding Fitness Activities Mentoring Educational Programs


Good nutrition is essential for learning.  While learning does not end when school lets out neither does the need for good nutrition. Our summer food feeding and after-school feeding , fitness, activity , mentoring and education camps  will ensure that our children will get the good nutritious meals that are needed  when school is out during the summer as well as after school.  We are targeting the underprivileged and underserved areas in our communities ensuring that all children will be fed; yet welcoming all students.

S.O.A.R Mentoring Succeed Overcome Achieve Restore Program


Future Goals and Decision Making

Building Teamwork, Unity, and Responsibility skills

Coping with life, yourself and with others around you (Relationship Skills)

Security and Insecurity Traits 

(Self -Awareness)

Trusting and Relying on Others

Teaching Positive, Inspirational, and Motivational Skills 

Counseling-Responsive Help Through  the Need of the Individual


Basketball Soccer and Sports Camps


Provide elite skills and training for children. Participants of this program will learn the beginner skills as well as the fundamentals needed to allow students to participate and succeed competitively or just recreational in basketball, soccer and any sport that they are involved in.  Students will learn important practice skills and  engage positively with others.  Students will learn the need to play with good sportsman like  conduct, to be coach-able and to do that with a great competitive attitude. Students will learn to be leaders both while competing and carrying those same leadership qualities to the classroom encouraging hard-work in both areas.

A.O.E. Coaching Sports, Agility and Conditioning Skills Camp


Our agility curriculum helps each student to proactively take charge of his/her fitness goals.  This curriculum is an individual self-reliance mind -over- matter training program.  We have found that this particular skills curriculum is a great place to start all of our students.  This program has allowed our students on all levels to feel good about being up and active and having fun doing so.  We allow students to work at  pushing themselves to be the best that they can be; no competition just self-motivation. This program teaches persistence, self-control, accountability, achievement, and confidence to continue to triumph in the face of adversity. 

Action Over Excuses

Academic and Educational Tutorials


STEM  Program

Technology and Computer Programs

Financial Aide Assistance

College Awareness 

 Reading Readiness 

Writing Labs

Healthy Lifestyle Awareness and Financial Literacy Foundation Classes


Nutrition Classes

(Meal Prep)

Child Obesity Awareness Classes

Healthy Eating Habits/Breaking Bad Habits(Informational Classes)

Cancer, Diabetes, Heart Diseases (Awareness Classes)


Self -Awareness/

Self-Esteem Classes

Zumba for Kids

Yoga for Kids

Motivational Sessions(Pep Rally's)

Etiquette Classes 

Anger-management Classes

Finding Jobs-

(Pre-Post Job Interviews

Bank accounts

Saving Money-Money Sense(Setting Goals)

Spending Wisely