Gregory Airington Jr. - Director

My name is Gregory Airington Jr., I am the Director of Above All Things Dream Foundation. I live in the great state of Texas. I am a father and a husband. Each of my children have been student athletes throughout their high school and college careers. Texas has been my home for 8yrs  now. I am a native from Northwest Indiana where most known as the Hoosier state; where basketball is King. I attended and graduated from East Chicago Central High School where I played on the Varsity boys basketball team as a starting combo guard.  Then graduated and attended Northeast Community College on basketball scholarship in Norfolk Nebraska.  I went on to attended Indiana Purdue Fort Wayne University and majored in  Elementary Education throughout my college career. After college, for the past 24yrs, I began to coach, mentor and train student athletes. Throughout my vast years of coaching, teaching and mentoring experiences, I have had the privilege to work with children with various disabilities as well as with elementary, middle, and high school level students teaching them the fundamentals of basketball and about becoming model citizens within their communities. I was also privileged to work in the Michigan City Prison where I mentored and coached 300 inmates for about 7yrs showing them positive ways to work well with others around them and to endeavor to become better citizens after time served.  My years of coaching and mentoring experiences has been with both girls and boys of various ages and ethnicities.  In summary, I love coaching, mentoring, and helping our youth to become model citizens, positive role models and to live a healthy and whole lifestyle while doing so. Our heart and passion for helping our young adults and their families are the sole reason for starting this foundation. Our mission is our true belief and vow as Advocates who will build holistic youth and help to eliminate child hunger, child obesity and to educate as well as to teach our young people to stay active, healthy and whole.

One of my favorite quotes are:  Greatness isn’t just something people are born with…They are trained to be great. 


Tia Airington-Co-Director

I am Co-Director of Above All Things Dream Foundation. I am a mother and a wife. Each of my children have been student athletes both in high school and while attending college  I live in the great state of Texas.  My native origin for the past 36yrs was in Northwest Indiana. I attended and graduated from East Chicago Central High School where I played on the Varsity level girls’ basketball team as starting point guard. I also attended and played college basketball for Allen County in Kansas as well as Purdue Calumet in Hammond, Indiana.  I currently hold my Bachelor’s degree of Science in Education. I am an experienced Coach, Mentor, Motivator, and Trainer. I have worked in both public and private school facilities in Texas and in Indiana. At my prior church in Indiana, I was an active youth leader for about 20 yrs. I am privileged to have been coaching, training, helping, mentoring, uplifting, and educating our children and young adults for over 20 plus years now. My work experiences have been with children with various disabilities, as well as with elementary, middle, and high school students. I have also had the privilege of coaching Girls’ basketball at the elementary, middle, and high school level for 6yrs at both East Chicago Central High school as well as Thea Bowman in Gary, Indiana.  After several years of working to educate and impart into our children a need to succeed and compete both academically and physically; consequently, working closely with their families helping and coaching them on ways to work effectively alongside their child or student to commence and collaborate; as a result, creating a productive, supportive, and loving family environment for their child. I have found that there is an even greater need for me to follow my passion as to address the physical, emotional, social, and natural needs of our children, parents, and (you) our community. With that said, this is where the birthing of Above All Things Dream Foundation came to reality. In summary, I love and enjoy reading, being with my family, training, working out, playing and coaching basketball, helping families as well as living a healthy, whole, and spiritual life. My endeavor is to help children and families to stay active, eat healthy and live a life a though it models that of a good citizen. My goal is to help to save our next generation one child at a time. I firmly believe that the giant of child obesity, bullying, and child neglect due to hunger and being mistreated must come down. We must educate our children and their families with the knowledge and the tools to be “whole” individuals physically, mentally and emotionally.

My favorite quote: Helping one person might not change the world, but it could change the world for one person.